Side effects of hair loss

Hair loss is commonly seen in women and men. Several reasons can cause hair loss right from pollution, improper hair care, hereditary, vitamin deficiency, and even some medication. Hair loss in men is commonly noticed in the form of baldness. In women, thinning of hair and losing hair is commonly experienced at every age.

Hair loss is not all welcomed and no one loves to have hair loss. Hair loss always results in several side effects. The side effects can be mental, emotional, or both.

Mental and emotional side effects of hair loss

Loss of self esteem

The people who experience hair loss always find it stressful. It always effects on self-confidence of the person. The person starts losing his or her self-confidence. He or she feel frustrated and may starts leaving alone or stay away from the people. Often, they avoid mixing with people. This is experienced with young people experiencing hair loss.

Losing attractiveness

Hair loss tends to effect on physical appeal of the person. Person feels losing of glow and attractive look.

Effect on intimacy

Hair loss badly effects on intimacy and can harm a couple’s relationship badly.

Feeling of insecurity

Most people experiencing hair loss develop feeling of insecurity.

Dependency on drugs

Many people experiencing stress and depression, find their way to drug shops. They start drinking and taking drugs to escape from their hair loss stress.

Hair loss can make a person more stressful, which again results in hair loss. It is necessary to remain calm during the phase of hair loss. This can help reduce hair loss.

Hair loss is a common issue and should never be taken too seriously. It can be treated by taking proper care of your hair. Several medications and therapies can help control hair loss, and can help in avoiding shedding of hair.