Hair transplant advantages and disadvantages

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant or restoration of hair surgically is the most effective way of re-growing hair. The hair transplant option works well to reduce appearance of hair loss in male pattern baldness, thinning of hair in women, hormonal fluctuations, and scalp injuries. It involves removing hair follicles from back of the head and placing them on the scalp.

Hair transplant surgeries include:

  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Frontal hair line lowering or reconstruction
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Before you decide to have hair transplant surgery, it is worth to go through pros and cons of surgical hair restoration.

Pros of hair transplant surgery

  • It results in hair re-growth
  • Excellent therapy for men having baldness
  • Once full procedure is over, no need to repeat treatments
  • No need hair bank as it is patient’s natural hair follicles those get transplanted into thinning areas of bald spots
  • Allows natural growth of hair typically within three to six months of surgery

Cons of hair transplant surgery

  • Costlier option for re-growing hair
  • As it is a surgical procedure, it causes a variety of post-surgery side effects and complications such as infected hair follicles, scalp swelling, itching, numbness of scalp, loss of transplanted hair, etc.
  • In some patient, transplanted hair may appear unnatural
  • Not every hair transplant surgery gives successful results. There is always a chance that hair follicles get die off before it starts re-growing. This can result in a bump that develops on transplantation sites.
  • Bumps developed on transplantation sites can develop on wide areas of scarring and stretch-back scars.
  • This can lead to tension that can get reflected in emotional and mental stress.


Hair transplantation surgery is an advance procedure to treat where hair is harvested from one area of head and then transplanted onto blat portions of the head. The procedure is effective but is costly with many advantages and disadvantages.